About BTF

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to increasing the tree canopy cover of Bristol.

Why? Because tree cover brings so many benefits to an urban environment: a shared amenity, public health, economic growth, reduced pollution and flooding, wildlife, food and a better sense of well-being.

These are our terms of reference:

  • protect and enhance our urban trees in streets, parks, gardens and all open spaces.
  • encourage BCC to ensure the replacement of trees that have been (and continue to be) removed.
  • establish sufficient funding to ensure the retention of mature trees in our city and slow the present rate of felling.
  • establish sufficient funding for the planting of new urban trees.
  • stabilise then increase the urban canopy cover.
  • work with BCC to plan for “climate proofing” our city in accordance with predicted urban temperature increases in the next 20 years; and
  • argue for a formulaic approach to ensure that Bristol achieves a sustainable balance between the built form / hard surface and tree canopy cover.
  • provide a mechanism for open consultation on urban trees issues between local community groups, interested professional bodies and several Bristol City Council Departments.
  • promote greater understanding of the values of amenity trees and stay up-to-date with current thinking, policy and research.

This is our Constitution.

Some of the things we do…

  • Comment on Planning Policies and Applications.
  • Source funds for planting new and replacing existing trees.
  • Protect established & remarkable trees.
  • Find locations to plant new trees.
  • Link up with local community groups and other stakeholders and help them promote tree planting and protection.

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 PS. Please let us know if we have missed you out and we will gladly add you to the list.