2021 Newsletter

Once again, the pandemic made 2021 a challenging year, but at least we did manage to hold our our annual AGM in person this year.

And the trees kept growing!

In the meantime and light of the success of last year’s Newsletter, we have decided to publish a number of new and recent articles highlighting issues that have been prominent in 2021. We hope you find them of interest.

Baltic Wharf Caravan Park: a controversial planning proposal – with comments by Councillor Mark Wright

First, we need to preserve our existing trees! – Stephanie French

Biodiversity net gain – Urban Tree habitats – Mark Ashdown

Bristol City Council’s Tree Management Policy, has it changed? Still trying… – Stephanie French

Mislabelling Bristol’s crucial open spaces as “brownfield” sites to justify development – John Tarlton

Toilet applications flush out planning support for retention of an important tree – Stephanie French

We also had a busy year continuing to fight to preserve Bristol’s existing trees – See our Mini Tree Planning Portal.

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