Biodiversity Net Gain

This article looks at the opportunities offered for the protection and creation of Urban tree habitats following the March 2023 publication of:

Biodiversity Metric 4.0

These guest blogs examine some of the design issues arising from the use of the Biodiversity Metric 4.0 tool and suggest a possible alternative model:

An executable model for Biodiversity Net Gain 4.0

BNG 4.0: The saga of a single cell

BNG4.0 : Where was the ontologist?

Archived Material

These articles look at the impact of recent guidance following the 2021 publication of Biodiversity Metric 3.0.

Part I – takes an initial look at the metric and the changes made – at the impossibility of calculating the size of Urban Tree habitats under the current guidance.

Part I includes our response to the Small Sites Metric consultation.

Part II – this deals with the issues around the assessment of the condition of Urban Tree habitats. We say that the condition assessment criteria does not work when looking at most trees growing in an urban context.

Part III – this covers the challenges of defining an Urban Tree using the Metric. When is it a tree or a hedge?

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