Planning Applications and Trees: Advice Modules

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Module 1

Dealing with the weekly planning applications list.

Module 2

Conservation Areas and their importance for trees – the /VC suffix.

Module 3

Getting to grips with the tree applications on the Council Planning Portal, and which applications to scrutinise.

Module 4

The Council’s Planning Policies designed to save trees and/or replace trees affected by the development of a site (Bristol Tree Replacement Standard).

Module 5

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) and Section 211 (Conservation Area “Notice”) and What merits a TPO?

Module 6

Part 1

Bristol Council Tree Management Policies.

Part 2

How to Report a Problem with a (council owned) tree.

Module 7

Finding Council trees and vacant tree planting sites, Funding for trees (Developers’ Funds and Tree Sponsorship).

Module 8

Worked Examples to show the Tabs  on the Council Planning Portal and the Bristol Tree Forum Mini Planning Portal.

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