Adopt a Bristol tree

Working in collaboration with the Woodland Trust and Forest of Avon Trust, we are asking you, with your community group or your business to adopt your ‘iconic’ Bristol tree.

We have been recording and celebrating Bristol’s trees for some time now. So far, we have recorded over 71,000 in and around the city. This information is published on our sister web site, Trees of Bristol and provides a virtual arboretum accessible to all.

Many of the of the trees we have recorded could be described as ‘iconic’. For example, we have mapped the late Richard Bland’s collection of 48 Veteran trees, which are just part of the 202 Veteran, Champion and Remarkable trees which Richard mapped, many of which can be found in around the public spaces of the city. We have also mapped the 444 Veteran Oaks that grow at Ashton Court. There are many others.

We have also started to build a collection of the many Iconic trees that grow in and around Bristol and which many of you have discovered yourselves. So far we have 18, but we need your help to find many more.

We are now inviting you, with your community group or your business to adopt one of these trees, or to tell us about one we do not yet know about. It might be a tree under threat or one you love in your street or in your local park, or anywhere. The choice is yours.

Once your chosen tree* is adopted we will provide tree surveying services to help you record and celebrate it.

This is some of the guidance** you will have access to:

Depending on the tree and how accessible it is (subject to getting permission), we can also undertake an aerial drone survey to provide a dynamic, living virtual experience of your tree. See this example – TreeFlight.

We would also like you to write your own story about the tree and tell us why it is important to you. You can also send us your photos of it.

Where appropriate (subject to getting permission) we can provide and install a dendrometer tape (this measures the changes in the size of the trunk over time) to enable you to make regular ‘citizen science’ observations. Your observations will be recorded as part of the tree’s record and published on our sister web site, Trees of Bristol .

We will also upload the survey results, your stories and photos and the drone video to the site and celebrate each tree’s special status by on social media.

If you would like to participate and adopt your favourite tree, please complete and submit your candidate tree using the form below. We will then contact you to get you going.

* Your chosen tree should be one anyone can visit that is growing in or around Bristol including in Ashton Court.

** Adapted from guidance kindly made available by The Forest of Avon Trust.

The Woodland Trust’s Street Trees Project is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Thanks to their support, the Woodland Trust is able to work with the Forest of Avon Trust and Bristol Tree Forum to promote the need to care for and increase the number of Street Trees in Bristol – engaging the people who live and work in the city.

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