Become a Tree Champion for Bristol

bristol needs more Tree Champions – some parts of the city still have no one!

What is a Tree Champion?

Put simply, a Tree Champion it is someone who wants to see Bristol’s trees protected and new ones planted. This is all the experience you need. We will help you with the rest.

Tree Champions usually focus on the trees in their local ward, but this need not always be the case, as some wards may be too large for one person to cover, or there may be special areas that need particular care, such as some of our larger parks and open spaces.

These are the current Bristol wards:

Being a Tree Champions is a learning experience and can be very fulfilling. At first you might only want to be involved with finding new tree planting sites or checking how your local trees are doing and reporting any issues you find, but over time you may start help with fund raising or, if you like, get involved with checking planning applications in your area to help to defend existing trees or becoming involved in some of our other, longer-term projects. You only need to get involved as much as you want to, though.

We will also provide help as you need it. We have lots of experience championing Bristol’s trees.

How can I Volunteer?

If you would like to take on this important role and help guard and grow Bristol’s wonderful urban forest, please complete this form and send it to us.

3 thoughts on “Become a Tree Champion for Bristol”

  1. I agree with Caroline Hope. It seems a uphill struggle at the moment, with `Developers` cutting down trees quicker than we can replace them! In most cases, with`whips`! (46 cm tall seedlings.)


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