Bristol’s remarkable tree collections

The Trees of Bristol site provides an interactive guide to Bristol’s remarkable tree collections. It uses data gathered from multiple sources, including:

There are several ways to locate a tree or a tree collection:

  • Select Organisations to view a list of contributing organisations and the trees they care for.
  • Select Locations to view trees by the place where they grow.
  • Select Species to find all trees for a given species or for more information on the species itself.
  • Select Collections to find trees that belong a specific collection which is not based on either a location or an organisation.
  • Use Search to find trees by collection or their Latin or common names. There are other search options including a free-text search. Trees can also be found by their proximity to a selected location.

Once you have found the sort of trees you are looking for, you can then select any tree from the the list shown or from the tree map presented and view more information about that tree.

If you have a GPS-enabled android phone with Firefox installed (we are working on Chrome) or an iPhone, then you might like to try this location-aware page to help you locate and identify trees whilst on the move. You can save the link to your Home page for later use.

If you have any queries or comments about the project, or if you would like to volunteer to help or have a tree collection that you would like to share included, please get in touch via our Contact page or by emailing us at
The Forum would like to acknowledge all those who have shared their data and their time with us for their generous help, support and encouragement. Without it, this project would not have been possible.
This project is the work of Chris Wallace and Mark Ashdown, a member of the Bristol Tree Forum.

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