Redland Hill mature Copper Beech to be felled

An application has been made to remove a mature Purple Beech  at The Praedium Chapter Walk Bristol BS6 6WB.


The application was based on the following report by Tim Pursey, Chartered Arboriculturist:

A recent routine tree survey highlighted possible decay within the stem of the tree. Drilling tests this week with a Resistograph have revealed that the extent of decay within the stem is considerable. I would now classify the tree as being dangerous and have recommended its immediate removal.

This is the Council’s decision, made today:

A member of staff from the Arboricultural Section has visited the site and agreed that the proposal for tree works can be carried out under the Dead and Dangerous exemption of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. Therefore, in this instance, formal consent from the Local Planning Authority is not required.
However, when a tree is removed under this legislation, there is a duty on the owner of the land, under Sections 206 and 211 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, to plant another tree, of an appropriate size and species, at the same place as the tree to be felled, as soon as it is reasonably possible. The new tree will have the same legal protection as the tree it replaced.
In some circumstances, it may not be appropriate to replace the tree and therefore the Local Planning Authority has the power to dispense with this duty.
In this instance, a replacement tree is required (Common Beech) and I would be grateful if you could contact the above named officer when the replacement has been planted, in order that a site inspection can be made.

It is not clear why the replacement tree is a Common Beech and not a specimen of the original Purple Beech or what steps must be taken to ensure that a suitable specimen is selected or when it is to be planted.

Author: BristolTreeForum

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