London’s Air Conditioning

Treeco2nomics New Report Highlights the Benefits London’s Trees Bring to Air Quality

A new report, co-authored by Treeco2nomics, has identified that the tree population of inner and outer London holds nearly 2.4 million tonnes of carbon and is consuming an additional 77,000 tonnes per annum. This is equivalent to the total amount of carbon generated by 26 billion vehicle miles, significantly assisting air quality in the capital. In total, when counting all pollutants, the total value is £126 Million per annum.

The report is a partnership project also including Forest Research, Greater London Authority, Greenspace Information for Greater London, London Tree Officers Association, Natural England, Trees for Cities and The Tree Council. The project was kindly supported by Unilever. The report covered the whole of the Greater London area. Indeed, the London i-Tree project is the largest survey undertaken to date worldwide using the i-Tree software.

Understanding and quantifying the value structure of London’s urban trees helps calculate the many benefits urban tree cover bring to the local population. The London i-Tree report serves as an example and encouragement to others, particularly because it has demonstrated public involvement and hopefully commitment to change based on the results.

The survey provides the basis and a benchmark from which to move forward with structured planning for London’s urban forest.

You can read the full article on the Treeco2nomics website and download a copy of the report.

Author: BristolTreeForum

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to increasing the tree canopy cover of Bristol.

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